Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Toys to help encourage Fine Motor Skills

Toys to help encourage Fine Motor Skills

'Fine motor' refers to the development of small muscle movements of the hands. Fine motor skills develop as your child's whole body gains mobility, stability, cognitive, and emotional/social development.

However, there are several foundations before your child will acquire those skills. Those building blocks include stability, bilateral coordination, and sensation. Check out some of the following tips to develop fine motor skills with your child. All products available at http://www.adamandfriends.ie/

To promote banging objects for play, offer items such as a rattle or other noisy toys. Bang a squeak toy against a table. We love our Melissa and Doug Band in a Box

Fill and Spill Containers. To promote taking items out of containers, use our fill and spill toolbox or handbag to teach your child how to put items into a container and then how to dump them all out. You can eventually move on to pots, pans, and toy buckets. Best of all all the tools make a different sound and the drill even vibrates. Cute handbag version available for the little girlies.

To promote more wrist movements, encourage waving "hi' and "bye."  Finger paint on paper using a whole, open hand. Check out our Non-Toxic Finger Paints and Finger Painting Pad.

To promote pointing with the index finger, use a "texture book or puzzle" where you child can poke a finger into cotton, fabric, and various interesting materials.

Make jewellery. Stringing beads will help your child learn how to use two hands at the same time. Check out our Lacing and Beading Products.

Become a mechanic. Use this WoodenToolbox with wooden nuts and matching bolts. Show your child how to find the one that matches and then twist them together.

A is for Adam . Show your child how to write the first letter of his or her name with chalk, markers and anything else that they can use to make a print!We love our double sided magnetic white and blackboard, it even comes with magnets chalk and eraser.

Dress the bear. Use this dressing bear for closing large buttons or snaps so your child can practice small finger work.

Special Thanks to the Early Intervention Team for these tips!!! http://www.earlyinterventionsupport.com/

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