Friday, 15 June 2012

Sensory Play with Gellibaff!!!

What is Gellibaff???

It is a totally unique, completely safe, UK manufactured powder that turns ordinary water into glorious, colourful goo!

How do I use Gellibaff?

Firstly sprinkle the "goo former" (Stage 1) evenly over the surface area of the water (try to avoid adding large clumps of powder as this will take longer to form the goo) and watch as it magically turns the water into a fun, thick goo. Once the kids are finished playing, evenly sprinkle the "goo dissolver" (Stage 2) into the water, leave it for 5 minutes and watch the goo turn back into water.

Kids love it in the bath, in outdoor kiddie's pools, or even in a small bowl or sink.

Gelli Baff initially started life as a ‘Foot Spa’ product - it was used to ‘soften’ feet in foot spas for many years! As such, Gelli Baff is actually very good for the skin for the vast majority of users & leaves the skin feeling soft & refreshed!

Sensory Fun in the Bath

Fill the bath with 40 litres of warm water (ensure water is at the desired temperature before adding the Stage 1 Powder). Measure the amount of water accurately as bath sizes can vary. For best results sprinkle the "goo former" (Stage 1) evenly over the surface of the bath using all of the Step 1 pack. Try to avoid adding large clumps of powder as this will take longer to form the goo. Let the goo magically form for 5 minutes, stir the goo well then let the kids get in for some amazing bath time fun. On average, each box will create you between 40 & 50 litres of Goo.

One box of standard Gelli Baff contains 150g of stage 1 (Goo maker) & 150g of the stage 2 (Goo dissolver)

Gelli Baff in the garden

Gelli Baff was originally designed to stimulate kid’s imagination and turn "boring bath time into fun time". Since Gelli Baff hit stores the demand for the use of Gelli Baff outdoors has rocketed.

Having Gelli Baff in the outdoor kiddies pool is fantastic fun on a hot summer’s day, far more fun than just plain, boring water.

Fill your pool with Gelli Baff!

Gelli Baff in a bowl/sink – Gelli Play

Gelli Baff in the classroom – Messy Play

Specifically for the educational industry, i.e. nurseries, schools & play groups, Gellibaff as Messy Play is seen by teachers and other professionals within the industry to be ideal for "messy time" in the classroom. As Messy Play is completely safe, biodegradable and doesn’t stain, teachers love using it on a regular basis to keep the kids entertained.

No Mess!

Once the kids have finished having fun, add the stage 2 (goo dissolver) to the Gelli Baff to turn the thick goo back into water (coloured). Once the dissolving powder has been added, Gelli Baff won't turn back into goo again, so there’s no need to worry about pipes getting blocked.

Gelli Baff is free from harmful chemicals or preservatives, its biodegradable, completely harmless to septic tanks; it won't stain the bath, towels, floors, furniture or kids & is actually good for the skin!

Available in a variety of colours!

Check out the Gellibaff Range online!!!

Join the Gelli Baff boy as he ventures to an alien planet with red lava blast. Explore the magic green jungle swamp or take a voyage through the gooiest blue lagoon sea. Watch in amazement when using the colour changing combos or get some Princess Pink Gelli Baff for your little Princess!