Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Why are puzzles great for kids???

So what are the benefits of playing with puzzles?

From early childhood, puzzles are an important educational learning toy for toddlers and children as they help to teach many skills and learning opportunities in a fun and interactive way!
Cognitive Skills       

Puzzles come in a whole range of themes and topics such as alphabet letters, shapes, vegetables, numbers, pets, transport and colours.  It increases their visual spacial awareness and develops a deeper understanding of these themes and topics.  Every child learns differently and puzzles can help them to understand everything from animals, numbers, the alphabet and so much more (Image: Self-Correcting Alphabet Puzzle €14.95 Click Here).

 Problem Solving

Completing a puzzle, even the most simplest of puzzles sets a single goal to achieve.  Toddlers and children must think and develop strategies on how to approach in achieving this goal.  This process involves problem solving, reasoning skills and developing solutions which they can later be transferred into their personal/adult life (Image: Farm Sound Puzzle €12.95 Click Here).

Fine Motor Development

Puzzles are a fun way for children to develop and refine their fine motor skills.  When engaged in playing with puzzles, children are required to pick up, pinch and grasp pieces (some with pegs, chunky pieces, jumbo pegs or inset puzzles) and move them around, manipulating them into slots, sorting them and fitting them into the correct places.

Hand and Eye Coordination

Playing with puzzles requires a trial and error process which involves a lot of hand and eye manipulation.  For example, as a toddler or child places a piece of the puzzle that does not fit, they will try all over again where their actions involve doing what they actually see  (Image: Shape Sorter €12.95 Click Here).

Shape Recognition

For young children – even babies – learning to recognize and sort shapes is an important part of their development. Puzzles can help little ones with this, since the pieces need to be recognized and sorted before they can be assembled (Image: First Shapes Jumbo Peg Puzzle €13.95 Click Here).


Simple jigsaws and other types of puzzles may help enhance a child’s memory. For example, a child will need to recall the size, color and shape of various pieces as he or she works through the puzzle. If a piece doesn’t fit, the child sets it aside; but he or she will need to remember that piece when it is needed (Image: Farm Cube Puzzle €11.95 Click Here).

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Puzzles are such a great way to encourage cooperative play amongst children.  Kids can work together to finish a puzzle and help each other discover where the pieces fit. Making a puzzle together is a great way to teach children how to take turns and share the fun in finishing a puzzle together (Image: Giant Fire Truck Floor Puzzle €12.95 Click Here).

An Adam and Friends Puzzle

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